Project: Stratum
Date: Spring 2008
Credit: Aaron Taylor Harvey, Jess Austin
Course: Advanced Studio: Taipei Climate Research Center
Instructor: Peter Anderson

The waterfront of Tapei, Tawain is made inaccessible by a 30′ flood wall that surrounds the Danshui river, this isolated swath of the city can only be entered through the periodic flood gates that puncture the wall. These walls serve as a framing device to the water beyond and catalyzed our approach to this project. Stratum extends the flood gate frame by continuing the puncture through the architecture and out into the water. Framing the experience of movement always in reference to the adjacent city. 

The waterfront is activated with a mixed use program that provides labs for climate research and an experiential gallery to the public that makes explicit climate effects and scenarios. Stratum is a massive attractor looking to activate the neglected waterfront through learning, entertainment and research. The building is itself climate responsive, it is selectively hermetic or permeable to resist or allow flooding without essential damage, while also providing elevated park space that can avoid even the most extreme climate scenarios.