The CCA Digital Craft Lab is excited to announce we will have a new Kuka Agilus KR6 robot arriving early this Fall! The robot will compliment some of the other amazing resources we have at CCA including the Hybrid Lab (for electronics prototyping), and machines in the Rapid Prototyping Studio (digital fabrication, 3d printing, cnc milling, laser cutting and more). The robot will initially be located in the Digital Craft Lab space adjacent to S2 and the Creative Architecture Machines studio space. The robot will be used initially in the “Eye, Robot” seminar led by architecture Profs. Johnson & Harms this Fall, with additional Spring courses to be announced soon.

The robot specs are:
Kuka Agilus KR6 R900 with the KRC4 Compact Controller
- Add-ons include: Digital I/O block and the Kuka RSI v3.2 (Robot Sensor Interface)
- We will be using the Kuka PRC add-on for Rhino/Grasshopper.

Special Thanks: The robot was purchased from a combination of funds coming from CCA, the Architecture Division and Digital Craft Lab.  We’d like to thank CCA faculty and staff including Provost Melanie Corn, Jen Stein, Laura Hazlett, Noah Bartlett, Judy Krasnick and many more.

Digital Craft Lab: The CCA Digital Craft Lab is co-coordinated by CCA architecture Profs. Jason Kelly Johnson and Andrew Kudless