The  Creative Architecture Machines studio final review / presentation will take place on Saturday, Dec 6 from 10:30-3:30 (broken into two sessions 10:30-1 and 1:45-3:30).

The review will be run as a hybrid science fair / architecture review. There are six unique research clusters each focused on designing and prototyping novel fabrication machines, and then using them to produce something extraordinary. Each cluster has developed unique approaches to integrating hardware, software, machine vision and material investigations. This year our students have produced an impressive array of projects that are both technically sophisticated (meaning they generally work quite well!) and conceptually driven. Here is a blog post about last year’s course that will give you a sense of things.

2014 Research Clusters

3d Printing Swarm (mobile robots create domes out of salt, rice and saw dust)
Deltabot SkyPrint (regenerative robots crate animal habitats from mining industry detritus)
Omni Spiderbots (bio-remediation robots scan, drill and implant bio-matter)
Spaceweaver (robotic loom weaves fibrous vertical forms, columns and towers)
Robotic Casting Jig (re-programmable re-usable smart jig for casting)