The Mobile Craft Modules, a project designed by California College of the Arts students in a design-build studio led by Adam Marcus, debuted at the Market Street Prototyping Festival in San Francisco on April 9-11. CCA is one of the Festival's five Design Captains, and the project anchored CCA's presence in the city's Financial District. The project, located on Market Street between 1st and 2nd Streets, consists of a pair of twin modules that were reconfigured in a variety of ways throughout the weekend to exhibit student work and host a series of pop-up events sponsored by CCA Digital Craft Lab. The modules, designed and built by Marcus and his students in eight weeks, consist of welded steel frames clad with custom-routed cedar boards. The interior features a flexible shelving system that accommodates a range of customizable and reconfigurable "plug-ins" that function as storage containers, work surfaces, and display surfaces. After the Festival, the modules will return to CCA's Back Lot outdoor making space to function as mobile workstations that support future design-build efforts by students and faculty.

Protoyping Mobility Studio, Spring 2015
Instructor: Adam Marcus
Students: Barry Atiabet, Keith Edwards, Joshua Evans, Danny Hsieh, Ludmila Ilieva, Reynaldo Kambey, Thomas Monroy, Ryan Montgomery, Mark Nicholson, Skye Pan, Murhaf Salameh, Adithi Satish, Jin Shen

Photography: Jeffrey Maeshiro, Joseph Chang