andrew kudless

Co-Director, Digital Craft Lab @ CCA 

Andrew Kudless co-coordinates the Digital Craft Lab at CCA and is an Associate Professor. His research investigates the emergent relationships among architecture, engineering, biology, and computation. His work strives to find organic integration in a material system's form, growth, and behavior. In architectural terms, this results in understanding how geometry, fabrication, and performance can work together to form a more effective architectural project. In 2004 he founded the interdisciplinary design and architecture studio MATSYS. The firm specializes in complex geometry, digital fabrication, and procedural techniques such as scripting. Read Andrew's full bio here.

Co-Director, Digital Craft Lab @ CCA 

Jason Kelly Johnson co-coordinates the Digital Craft Lab at CCA and is an Associate Professor. He is also founding design partner of FUTURE CITIES LAB, an experimental design and research office based in San Francisco, California. Jason has produced a range of award-winning projects exploring the intersections of design with advanced fabrication technologies, robotics, responsive building systems and public space. Future Cities Lab is at the forefront of exploring how advanced technologies, social media and the internet of things will profoundly affect how we live, work, communicate and play in the future. Their approach to design and making, which has been described as “high performance craft”, is also deeply experiential, interactive and materially rich. Read Jason's full bio here and visit the Creative Architecture Machines website. Jason is also the current President of ACADIA.

Research Associate, Digital Craft Lab @ CCA

Adam Marcus is a Research Associate of the Digital Craft Lab at CCA, and is an Associate Professor. Adam directs Variable Projects, an award-winning design and research studio that operates at the intersection of architecture, computation, and fabrication. He is also a partner in Futures North, a public art collaborative dedicated to exploring the aesthetics of data. His work explores ways in which new technologies can interface with longstanding architectural traditions of craft, materiality, ornament, and pattern. Prior to founding his own practice, he worked at Marble Fairbanks in New York City as project architect for a number of notable educational and public projects. He was recently selected by Design Intelligence as one of the 30 Most Admired Educators for 2013. Read Adam's full bio here


Associated Faculty:
Thom Faulders, CCA Associate Professor & Faulders Studio
Nataly Gattegno, CCA Associate Professor & Future Cities Lab
Craig Scott, CCA Associate Professor & Iwamoto-Scott Architects
Matt Hutchinson, CCA Adjunct Faculty & Path Design & Fabrication
T. Jason Anderson, CCA Associate Professor & Studio Anomalous
Michael Shiloh, CCA Associate Professor & Arduino

Additional faculty and/or collaborators:
David Shook, Associate Director, SOM
Aaron Willette, Apple
Margaret Ikeda & Evan Jones, Assembly
Greg Hurcomb
Brian Harms, Samsung
Andre Hakhovich
Brandon Kruysman & Jonathan Proto, Bot n'Dolly

We also work in collaboration with other CCA groups and departments: the Urban Agency, the CCA Design MBA Program, the Interaction Design Program, and