Research @ the Digital Craft Lab

 The Digital Craft Lab researches a range of advanced topics that blend craft, technology, and architectural design. These topics emerge out of faculty research areas and are investigated through a variety of platforms such as CCA advanced studios and seminars and public workshops. Each specific platform often explores multiple research topics through innovative combinations that creatively expand the possibilities of the architectural discipline. The results of our research are communicated to the public through publications, exhibitions, and symposia.

Advanced Studio: Autonomous Architectures


      Exploring the future of Architecture with speculative robotics and parametric tools.

Advanced Studio: Creative Architecture Machines


     Exploring the future of Architecture with speculative robotic innovation.

Integrated Building Studio: Buoyant Ecologies


     Exploring the combination of biological and digital craft techniques to design.







Seminar: Kinematic Code


     Exploring parametric exploration and craft.


Seminar: Interactive Surfaces