We have had an exciting academic year in the Digital Craft Lab at CCA. Here are some of this year's select highlights:

  • Gifts: The Digital Craft Lab was thrilled to learn that CCA benefactor Mac McQuown has gifted the DCL $85,000 to be used to support lab activities during the 2016-17 academic year. The gift will be used to support research studios including the Buoyant Ecologies studios led by Profs. Marcus, Ikeda and Jones.   
  • Lab Events: The lab hosted 17+events including talks, book launches and workshops in the lab from thought leaders and emerging designers in digital design, fabrication and robotics.
  • Workshops: the lab hosted 5 software and hardware workshops that were open to the CCA community and outside practitioners.
  • Exhibitions: The Buoyant Ecologies research was exhibited at the Autodesk Gallery; various  
  • Studios: The lab was home to two Advanced Architecture Studios run by lab Co-Directors Jason Kelly Johnson (Creative Architecture Machines with Michael Shiloh) and Andrew Kudless (Autonomous Architectures).
  • Seminars: The lab was home to a number of seminars throughout the semester including a seminar by Adam Marcus titled, "Performative Ornament".
  • Awards and Recognition: Lab members received many awards and recognition this year including: ACADIA 2015 Excellence in Teaching Award to Andrew Kudless; ACSA / AIA 2016 New Faculty Teaching Award to Adam Marcus; 2016 ROB-ARCH Community Contribution Award to Jason Kelly Johnson; and Jason was elected President of ACADIA.
  • Market Street Prototyping Festival: In April 2015 - The CCA DCL and Jason Kelly Johnson worked with various partners to produce the MSPF in September 2015. CCA produced "a district anchor project" led by Adam Marcus and his students, including a series of urban exhibits and a demo of our Kuka robot on Market Street by Prof. Kudless. 
  • Equipment / Lab: Over the course of the year we purchased new lab equipment including two 3d printers, various tools including a silent compressor, an amazing pneumatic gripper, and we also create a small exhibit area with some new Digital Craft Lab signage! We also purchased 3 large Samsung LED displays for use in the lab. 
  • Lab Assistant: The DCL was thrilled to have Gina Bugiada (MArch '17) working with us this year!