ADVANCED STUDIO: Buoyant Ecologies

Core Faculty: Adam Marcus, Margaret Ikeda, Evan Jones

Date: Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016

This studio continues the work of the Buoyant Ecologies research project, which explores the design of ecologically-optimized envelopes for waterfront structures that promote habitats for diverse marine species. The research initiative began as a collaboration with Autodesk Workshop at Pier 9Benthic Lab at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and Kreysler & Associates. A primary focus of the project is to develop customized fiber-reinforced polymer substrates that vary to provide marine habitats for a range of species, thereby enhancing the surrounding ecology. For more information on the broader research project, see the Architectural Ecologies Lab website.


Buoyant Ecologies Studio, Fall 2016: Fernanda Bernardes, Gina Bugiada, Bryany Burke, Madeline Cunningham, Taylor Metcalf, Mrnalini Mills-Raghavan, Georine Pierre, Stephany Rattner, Carlos Sabogal, Arash Sedaghatkamal, Nicole Van Malder

Buoyant Ecologies Studio, Fall 2015: Rafael Berges, Trishala Umesh Chandra, Kuan-Lun Ryan Chen, Jared Clifton, Keith Edwards, Kenneth Hu, Vaama Joshi, Susan Lopez, Shirin Monshipouri, Betty Nip, Min Joo Noh, Omar Soliman, Susan Wing, Ka Ki Yam

Buoyant Ecologies Studio, Fall 2014: Tyler Jones-Powell, Melissa Perkinson, Behnaz Banishahabadi, Maryam Nassajian, Jill Chin-Han Chao, Harrison Hong-Yi Chou, Sanna Lee, Hayfa Al-Gwaiz, Mikaela Leo, Jude Simon, Welbert Bonilla, Yasmine Orozco, Blake Stevenson, Dustin Tisdale